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A universal GUI for unit testing

Lode is an open-source desktop application for visualizing and running automated tests with a unified interface across frameworks and languages.

Supports PHPUnit and Jest, with more frameworks coming soon.

Download for macOS

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Latest version: 0.35.0Beta — Download for Windows or Linux.By downloading, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

Setup is easy, requires no additional dependencies and both local and remote environments are supported. See the documentation to get started.

Run tests selectively

Select which files or even individual tests to run, all with just a a click. And quickly focus on just the tests you need by filtering by outcome or keyword — handy for when you want to re-run only failed ones, or narrow down that test you were just refactoring.

See results in real-time

Syntax-highlighted diffs and traces available as soon as a test fails — no more waiting for the full run to see what went wrong, or scanning through traces in the CLI. Every test result has its own pane and each trace frame is actionable, so you can copy its contents or open the affected files with just a few clicks.

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