# Introduction

Lode is a universal graphical interface for unit and feature testing frameworks, like PHPUnit and Jest.

By “universal” we mean it’s capable of supporting different frameworks for different programming languages. This is achieved by overriding how the frameworks normally represent their results and then parsing those results in a standardised way that can be presented graphically.

For more information on which frameworks are supported, visit the Testing Frameworks section of this documentation.

# Lode features

  • Running of tests selectively
  • A dedicated pane for results, which is populated as soon as a test runs
  • Syntax-highlighted traces and diffs for failed tests
  • Filtering of test files by status and keyword
  • Unlimited number of projects that can hold unlimited repositories, each with their own testing frameworks
  • A list of available tests before they are run, with deep nesting (if supported by the framework)
  • Statistics on tests

Lode is meant to be accessible to novice and experienced testers alike.

Last Updated: 9/23/2019, 7:05:16 AM