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0.34.0Beta 27th February 2022 #

  • New Lode is now available in both Intel and Apple silicon versions. Please re-download the application in your desired architecture if you have installed Lode from a previous version
  • Changed Various dependency upgrades

0.33.0Beta 28th July 2021 #

  • New Custom titlebar for Windows version
  • Changed Upgraded Electron to v13
  • Fixed Selecting to filter from framework menu not working as expected

0.32.0Beta 6th July 2021 #

  • Changed Upgraded Lode's renderer to Vue 3
  • Fixed Scanning of empty repositories from main panel not working
  • Fixed Drag and drop of repositories not working

0.31.1Beta 2nd April 2021 #

  • Fixed Jest tests marked as "todo" not always being recognised as "incomplete"
  • Fixed Suite selection persisting even when not in view
  • Fixed Suite sometimes persisting after being deselected when using a combination status filters

0.31.0Beta 26th March 2021 #

  • Changed Updated Electron to 12.0.0
  • Changed Updated to Webpack 5
  • Fixed Parameters tab in test results not cycling or persisting as expected
  • Fixed Very long test names would cause test result pane to crop
  • Fixed Occasional misalignment of suite or test checkboxes
  • Removed Window and sidebar vibrancy on macOS

0.30.2Beta 27th February 2021 #

  • Changed Updated Electron to 11.3.0

0.30.1Beta 24th February 2021 #

  • Changed Remove vibrancy from sidebar in macOS when using dark mode

0.30.0Beta 23rd February 2021 #

  • New Added support for PHPUnit 9+
  • New Vibrancy for sidebar in macOS

0.29.1Beta 29th January 2021 #

  • Changed Don't override indeterminate checkbox style
  • Changed Improvements in path manipulation
  • Fixed Tests could linger as "queued" if they threw an error when being run selectively
  • Fixed Potential parsing error when a Lode processed errored in the middle of reporting
  • Fixed Jest tests that should not be selectable could still be selected using keyboard

0.29.0Beta 12th December 2020 #

  • New Filter and run action from suite context menu
  • New One-click content copy from snippets in test results and alerts
  • Changed Updated to Electron 11
  • Changed Enforce context isolation in renderer process for added security
  • Changed Improved memory footprint in renderer process
  • Changed Interface and icons refinements, from updated Primer versions
  • Changed Various stability improvements
  • Fixed Console file paths in Jest 25+
  • Fixed Updater failures could cause the app to freeze
  • Fixed Jitter when switching frameworks on a sidebar with overflowing content
  • Removed Dynamic sorting
  • Notes An extensive refactor of Lode's codebase to ensure it adheres to Electron's latest security best-practices ([#45](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/45)). It also updates dependencies to much newer versions (including underlying Node and Chrome versions) for a faster and more stable foundation, which will soon allow for additional improvements and Apple Silicon builds, too.

0.28.4Beta 7th January 2020 #

  • Changed Updated Electron to 6.1.7

0.28.3Beta 26th October 2019 #

  • Fixed Keyword filter matching overriding status matches
  • Fixed Windows tab cycling always going forwards

0.28.2Beta 24th October 2019 #

  • Changed Remove filter match highlight, which did not perform well enough in frameworks with a large amount of tests
  • Fixed Filtering by status not returning the expected results
  • Fixed Update control missing from application menu in Windows
  • Fixed Showing files in Explorer opened window in the background in Windows
  • Fixed "Switch project" check state in Windows

0.28.1Beta 23rd October 2019 #

  • Fixed Define Windows certificate publisher name to enable auto-updating of NSIS installations

0.28.0Beta 23rd October 2019 #

  • New Highlight matching part of a test suite's name when filtering - [#21](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/21)
  • New Better tab navigation - [#20](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/20)
  • Changed Trim backslashes (i.e. Windows path separators) from filter keywords
  • Fixed Windows titlebar not updating when needed
  • Fixed Framework settings failing to fetch a framework's display name

0.27.0Beta 18th October 2019 #

  • New Windows compatibility
  • Changed Improved console context in results pane, with added actions
  • Changed Improved accuracy when scanning package.json files for Jest testing scripts
  • Fixed Warnings triggered when running PHPUnit 7, because the Lode reporter's `writeProgress` was not fully compatible with parent
  • Fixed Excessive font weight for framework titles in macOS Catalina

0.26.1Beta 6th October 2019 #

  • Changed Code is now compiled specifically for Node.js 12
  • Fixed Jest tests could end up with the same id in some circumstances, causing focus to appear on two or more tests at once
  • Fixed Select inputs not having icons

0.26.0Beta 22nd September 2019 #

  • Changed Errors from malformed Jest test suites are now treated as failures, with much improved feedback
  • Changed Lode now enforces a content security policy
  • Fixed Stopping framework runs being unresponsive at times
  • Fixed Jest stack traces failing to properly parse filenames with spaces in them
  • Fixed Tests erroneously assuming "queued" status in some edge cases
  • Fixed Test parameters failing to show if suite was not expanded or selected before running
  • Fixed More resilient process output parsing, especially when dealing with stray output

0.25.1Beta 19th September 2019 #

  • Fixed Processes failing with npm runner
  • Fixed Failing to remove framework from its dedicated settings modal

0.25.0Beta 7th September 2019 #

  • New Progress indicator in application icon
  • New More controls for running frameworks in bulk, including from repository or project context menus in the sidebar
  • Changed Better formatting of duration strings
  • Changed Less dependency on Node APIs in the renderer process
  • Changed Updated Primer CSS and Octicons to latest version
  • Changed Pre-compile main process for faster loading times - [#14](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/14)
  • Fixed Opening files in external application alerting for an error that didn't occur
  • Fixed PHPUnit files getting stuck in "running" status if running a subset of tests in which one or more had been removed from the framework
  • Fixed ANSI output parsing failing in certain situations

0.24.0Beta 18th August 2019 #

  • Changed Upgrade to Electron 6.0 - [#13](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/13)

0.23.0Beta 11th August 2019 #

  • New Data parameters from PHPUnit are now shown in the "Parameters" tab in the results pane
  • New `console` helper in PHPUnit to help debug tests while running Lode
  • Changed Improved parsing of Jest failure feedback
  • Changed Improved rendering of feedback text
  • Changed Always use panels for diff
  • Fixed PHPUnit unable to run tests in separate processes

0.22.2Beta 6th August 2019 #

  • Fixed Security fixes - [#10](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/10) [#11](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode/issues/11)

0.22.1Beta 6th August 2019 #

  • Changed Use S3 publisher alongside GitHub for automatic updates

0.22.0Beta 6th August 2019 #

  • New Lode is now [open source software](https://github.com/lodeapp/lode)!

0.21.0Beta 12th June 2019 #

  • New Lode can now handle missing repositories more gracefully
  • New Filter a single test file in the list view from its context menu
  • New Reveal repositories in Finder from sidebar context menu
  • New Automatic crash reports from main process
  • New Minimal anonymized usage tracking
  • Changed Restrict draggable regions to app's topmost areas
  • Changed More minimalistic filtering input, with the addition of a search icon in preparation of more complex search options
  • Changed Terms and conditions to account for anonymized tracking
  • Fixed PHPUnit failing to run inside repositories with spaces in their path
  • Fixed Framework lingers in active mode even if its parent repository was removed
  • Fixed Sidebar jiggle when switching frameworks

0.20.0Beta 5th June 2019 #

  • New Test file list can now be sorted (initially supports sorting by running order, name, dates of last update or last run, total duration and maximum test duration)
  • New Allow filtering by "selected" status. Useful for when you want a run a subset of files by their status, but want to keep them in view regardless of their subsequent outcomes
  • New Lode will now remember the first time a test was seen and the last time it was run
  • New Link to release notes from About window
  • Changed More minimalistic result pane tabs
  • Changed Test information (previously "statistics") is no longer hidden while a test is in a transient status
  • Changed If a file is excluded by filters they will now be collapsed in addition to being unselected
  • Changed Improvements in content overflow in the sidebar, tests list and results pane
  • Changed Use tabular numbers for dynamic labels
  • Changed Slight changes in color palette
  • Fixed Issue with "Add another repository" button creating a new input that was not blank when trying to add multiple repositories at once
  • Fixed Prevent PHPUnit from returning empty traces

0.19.0Beta 28th May 2019 #

  • New Improved Jest feedback, with better separation between message and stack trace and rich traces instead of plain ANSI
  • New Command-F will now focus on the framework's filtering input
  • New Jump to documentation from application menu
  • Changed Exclude hidden part of a suite's path from keyword filtering, which should yield better results when copying and pasting paths from many different sources
  • Changed Clicking on repository name on sidebar will now collapse and expand it
  • Changed Better handling of collapsible panels with no content (no empty bodies, no copy button)
  • Changed Software update improvements
  • Fixed Fix macOS malicious software alert in quarantined app, due to stricter control for notarized apps in 10.14.5
  • Fixed Code snippets failing to highlight first line
  • Fixed Don't try to calculate relative paths to files inside a stack trace frame if they're already relative
  • Fixed Odd filename truncation in relative paths in a collapsible panel's header
  • Fixed Missing icon in about window

0.18.0Beta 19th May 2019 #

  • New Show "actual", "expected" and "expected (partial)" results from presence matching failures in PHPUnit, which improves feedback for Laravel-specific assertions like `assertSee` and `assertJson`
  • New Copy to clipboard button for diff and trace panel contents
  • New Toggle sort order on exception traces
  • Changed Exclude hidden part of a suite's path from keyword filtering
  • Changed Clicking on repository name on sidebar will now collapse and expand it
  • Changed Softeware update improvements
  • Fixed Repository scanning issue which could cause frameworks being wrongly identified when adding multiple repositories at once with auto-scanning turned on

0.17.2Beta 15th May 2019 #

  • New Shiny new application icon
  • Changed Auto-download updates, but still prompt users to install
  • Fixed Formatting and misnomers in terms and conditions

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